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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Octogen Novice Strongman / Strongwoman comp 5th of September

Announcing the 2009 Octogen Novice Strongman / Strongwoman competition.

Strongman is taking off in Australia and this competition is an opportunity for first time strength athletes and athletes from other sports to have a crack at the challenges of strongman competition without the monster weights ot the higher level shows.

So if you are a powerlifter, policeman, crossfitter, olympic lifter, thrower, rugby player, fireman or gym junkie then this comp is for you!

Also, not forgetting the women we'll be holding a strongwoman comp on the same day

Each event in the competition will be demonstrated by experienced competitors from the Sydney Strongman Society and coaching tips will be given to get first timers up and running.

Comp details

Date - Saturday 5th of September - 10am
Location - Sydney University - meet at the Arena Gym
Entry fee - $50
Prizes - prizes for 1st to 3rd in the mens and womens comp
Events - see below
To enter - email

Men - open weight division

Farmers walk 90kg 75m
Log for max weight 70kg opener then 10kg jumps to 100kg and 5kg jumps thereafter, 3 attempts per competitor
Tyre flip and sled drag medley 25m
axle clean and press reps with 80kg
Stone for reps over 1200mm bar 110kg

Women - open weight division

Kettlebell clean and press medley - 16, 20, 24, 28, 32kg
Farmers walk 60kg 50m
log for reps - 45kg
Tyre flip and sled drag 25m
Stone for reps 60kg or 80kg
Any reps at 80kg trump reps with the 60 (so a single on 80kg will beat any number of reps with the 60kg and everyone will be ranked accordingly)

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