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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Smolov Squats #3 06 NOV 09

After a day off on thursday I was about 80% ok and ready for the workout

Back Squat 160kg 5x5
Mil Press 65kg 5x5

By the last 2 sets of squats I was a mess again but recovered fairly well over the weekend and ready to hit 170 for triples on monday.

Also embarking on a plan to clean up my diet a bit this week and add some cardio back in after completely piking on it last week.

Goals for this week - Eliminate bread from my diet this week, minimise consumption of other refined carbs.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Smolov Squats #2 04 Nov 09

Did a light deadlift and bench press workout on Tuesday and tried to walk like a normal person without much success!

Fronted up to the gym today and by the time i'd warmed up i could almost feel my legs again. That didn't last long as it was straight into the workout

Back Squat 150kg 4 x 7
Military press 60kg 4 x 7
Face pulls 40-45kg 5 x 12

I intended to do cardio afterward but I could barely stand up after the squats!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Smolov Squats #1 - 02 Nov 09

First Smolov Workout
Not doing the full voume protocol as it kills me for days afterward, working on approximately 25% reduction in volume.
BSQ 140kg 3x9
Mil press 55kg 3x9
Pullups 3 x 10

Almost lost lunch after the last set of squats!

November December training

With the world masters games weightlifting competition out of the way I took a couple of weeks to ease back into training before going at it full bore this week.

I'm trying to crack a 600kg / 1300lb raw powerlifting total, raw being belt and knee sleeves (not wraps) but no support shirts or suits. At the moment my best lifts are
Bench 130kg
Squat 200kg
Deadlift 245kg
Total 575kg

In my last strength cycle I added 5kg to my DL and 10kg to my bench but my squat stalled out so the plan is to attack the squat with a smolov cycle and only try to push the other lifts along a little.
Bench 137kg
BSQ 210
DL 255

Will give 602 total and I think that's achievable before I go on holidays to Thailand and lose it all again!

New Blog Direction

With the launch of my new blog/website for my business I have decided that instead of shutting down this blog I will use it as a personal blog for my training diary and any random observations about fitness, training and life in general.

If I find something cool or funny that might not be fitness related I'll post it here so as not to clutter up the material on the main blog.