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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Special Offer on Massage

As anyone involved in sports knows massage and other recovery methods are an important part of athletic training. Quite often when trainnig hard they can make the difference between recovering in time for the next game or session or having to back off and miss valuable training time.

Since I've been pounding myself training fot the strongman comp I've also made sure to include regular sports massage in my program. In some ways it's more painful than the training sesisons but it's been critical in allowing me to train as hard as possible.

Anyway, I was talking to Nick, the guy who does my massages and he's offering a a 25% discount on sport and remedial massage to anyone who mentions my name until the end of June. It's only valid if you live in Sydney obviously but if you can take it up i'd highly recommend it.

Nick works at Sydney sports medicine clinic with the NSW institute of sport and is also one of the team massage therapists for NSW Weightlifting.

To book your session email and make sure you mention my name.

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